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En Primeur Delivery

Buying wines through the En Primeur system and understanding the delivery process often requires a bit more explanation as it is different to purchasing wines that have already been bottled and are already physical in one of 4 global warehouse facilities. This page aims to provide you with all information you need regarding En Primeur delivery.

As you may, or may not know, when you buy wines en primeur you are purchasing a product that is currently not complete and is still undergoing barrel ageing, awaiting bottling and shipping to it's new owner. Therefore, it is completely normal that you cannot take or arrange delivery of your en primeur wines until a year or slightly more after you have purchased them.

Ownership of your En Primeur wines

As soon as you place your order with us we will request an allocation of the specific wines you've purchased with our suppliers. Once confirmed, you will be the sole owner of those wines and when they are shipped to us they will be processed into your personal Cru storage account at our bonded warehouse.

The process of En Primeur delivery from France

Once the chateaux or domaine have bottled their wines, they will be transferred to our suppliers' bonded warehouse where they will be processed and given any appropreiate paperwork ready to be shipped to our own bonded warehouses in the UK.

What's next when your wine arrives with Cru?

Following shipment to our bonded warehouses in the UK, your wines will be automatically be entered directly in to your personal Cru storage account. As always the first 30 days are FREE to store with us. After your en primeur wines have been processed into your account they will be shown on your online Cru account and we will notify you by email that they are now ready to organise home delivery or transfer to another Cru storage facility in Singapore, Hong Kong or China, or another bonded warehouse account with a different provider.

If you choose to deliver or transfer your en primeur wines to your home or to another storage facility, you can arrange this entirely through your online account or with a Cru advisor. Simply login to your account, go to the delivery section, select which wines you want to deliver and continue to checkout online to pay the delivery costs and any taxes necessary. All this is easily done through our secure online payment platform.

Customers who decide to take their en primeur wines out of their bonded Cru account for home delivery or a duty paid warehouse, will be required to pay relevant taxes at the current rates where necessary. Please refer to our delivery page for details of current rates of taxes in your region.

When will your En Primeur wines be shipped to the UK? and when can you arrange delivery?

We won't know exactly when your en primeur wines will arrive in the UK until the spring of the following year at the earliest. We're dealing with many different chateaux and all will have different timings for bottling and shipping. So, if you're buying Bordeaux 2020 En Primeur in the 2021 campaign, then we should have an update on expected delivery date in spring 2022. After that we should be able to give you a more accurate guideline date as to when your wines will be arriving and will be available to organise onward delivery or transfer. Any en primeur delivery dates outlined on our websites are for indication only and are not guaranteed.

With the latest Bordeaux 2020 En Primeur campaign underway, we understand you may have questions, but you can rest assured that we're here to help and make the process of delivering your en primeur wines as easy as possible. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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