By Steffan White & Louis Jones

  • Cheapest 100pt WA vintage available, 13% discount to the 2019 vintage.
  • 6x100pt scores make this one of the best Lafleurs ever made.
  • Neal Martin says that 2015 will sit comfortably alongside the 2010, 2000 and 1982, all of which trade at significant premiums.
  • Down 22% from its all time high (ATH) trade of SG$11,954 on Cru in September 2022.
  • In a market downturn smart money moves from speculative assets to robust assets with strong fundamentals.  It doesn’t get much stronger than a 99.4 average score.
  • Roughly 1,000 cases are made per vintage. Petrus produces over twice as much, yet Lafleur is priced significantly lower across the board.

2015 is Comfortably the Best Value ‘Perfect’ Vintage Available

Château Lafleur 2015 is currently the best value ‘perfect’ Lafleur vintage available on the market.  

The 2019 vintage is arguably the most similar vintage, with a near identical average score, yet the 2019 trades at a significant 15% premium to the 2015.  This doesn’t make much sense.

Near identical scores, 4 more years of bottle age as well as storage costs should mean that the 2015 trades at a premium to the 2019, not the other way around. 

2015 was a Home Run Vintage in Pomerol

The 2015 vintage was also a success for Lafleur’s illustrious neighbours, Petrus and Le Pin, who received perfect and near perfect scores too.  This is critical because vintage perception is all-important in longer-term fine wine investment.  Of the three Pomerol ‘greats’, clearly Lafleur is by far the most attractively priced:

Low Production at Château Lafleur

Whilst it is not that surprising that Le Pin is more expensive as they produce many fewer cases, Petrus on the other hand produces over twice as much yet comes in over 4x as expensive!

Low production and a ‘cheaper’ price will likely mean that Lafleur will be consumed far quicker than Petrus, resulting in more rapid price appreciation. This can be evidenced by the stark lack of cases of mature cases available, like the 1982 Lafleur, whereas Petrus 1982 is readily accessible on the current market.

Château Lafleur is now ‘On Sale’

Lafleur 2015 traded at an all-time high of SG$11,954 in September 2022. The current offer price is down 22% from this level, and we think represents an excellent entry point.

With the market now finding a bottom after a period of retrenchment, acquiring new core holdings in assets which have the strongest fundamentals and upside potential over the medium to long term is the smartest strategy.

Lafleur 2015 is one of the highest scoring wines currently available on Cru with an average score of 99.4.  You will struggle to find any fine wine with stronger fundamentals than Lafleur 2015, and at a price down almost 25% this looks like an excellent acquisition right now.


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