Gleann Mor
12 May 2020

Profile: Gleann Mòr

We look at one of the most exciting, up-and-coming bottlers on the whisky scene today

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27 February 2020

Silent Stills

We look at the allure of bottles from closed distilleries

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Blair Athol
Spirits | The Knowledge
12 February 2020

Icons of Whisky: Independent Bottlings

Collectors should look more to independent bottlings as mature distillery labels dry up...

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Spirits | On the Town
02 June 2016

Destination | Islay

The May bank holiday is behind us and many in Britain have had their first taste of Summer travel, whether it was off to Spain, the South of France or any number of classic destinations, it will surely have whetted the appetite for a summer packed with holidays away. As great as it is to spend a sunny day on the beach with a glass of rosé, some people might enjoy a more remote experience. Swapping the sand for green hills and the rose for a peaty dram; those looking for something a bit out of the ordinary should consider a more northerly heading.
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Spirits Private Collection
21 May 2015

The Connoisseurs' Spirit Collection

One of the most exciting things about the trade of wine & spirits is the capacity of these products to age. A collector may gather wines and spirits for many reasons, but one of them is for the history. Wine, when bottled is a living, breathing thing which changes and develops over time, rarely successful in living beyond 20 years except in the most exceptional cases. With brandy and whisky however, the liquid in the bottle is like a snapshot in history. Virtually unchanged since the day the golden spirit flowed from the cask into the bottle, the oldest and rarest bottlings offer a rare glimpse into the past.
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