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Bordeaux | South Africa
30 September 2015

Nectar of the Gods

Dessert wine, Pudding wine, sticky…no matter what the moniker, the sweet nectar of the gods have always held a special place at the dinner table (and in our gluttonous hearts). Some may have a penchant for the ancient method of air dried grapes, utilized in Vin Santo and Pedro Ximenez, others preferring the thrilling unpredictability of achieving just the right conditions required to produce German or Canadian Eiswein, and still others are loyal to the “noblest” of all sweet wines reached through botrytis (or noble rot), most famously used in Sauternes and Tokaj.
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Sijnn Bt
South Africa
28 April 2015

Sijnn: Fine Wines of Malgas

Abigail Friedman – Senior Buyer’s – second instalment of the phenomenon of new wave wine-making in South Africa. One of their leading wine-makers, David Trafford’s, newest project Sijnn is soon to be launched by Cru.
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